ARM64/AARCH build is not detected as finished and then fails

Since 3 days the ARM64 Xenial build is failing (all others are running fine).

It is not the project build itself it is failing, but that travis is not detecting that the build is successfully done.
It then either fails the build because no log messages are coming for 10 minutes or because the maximum build time is over.

In a different issue reported it was recommended to use “travis_terminate 0” to have a workaround for this problem, but it does not help either:

The command "make tests" exited with 0.

$ travis_terminate 0
[and over 30 minutes later:]

The job exceeded the maximum time limit for jobs, and has been terminated.

Job that failed with log timeout (but the build is already finished):

Job that failed with an increased log message timeout which :

the travis.yml:

I’m impressed. Currently my ARM64 builds hang during the git checkout stage.

It was running smoothly for us for 2 months … maybe try a different distribution?

That’s a good suggestion. I’ll try it. Thanks!