`active_on_org` from API V3 is wrong



I was told that I should use this to report bugs instead of GitHub. Let me know if that is incorrect.

The active_on_org key in the repo JSON from API V3 seems to be wrong for repos enabled on both .com and .org. Example, for the repo drdoctr/travis-ci-com-testing

>>> headers = {'Travis-API-Version': '3'}
>>> import requests
>>> r = requests.get('https://api.travis-ci.com/repo/drdoctr%2Ftravis-ci-com-testing', headers=headers)
>>> r.json()['active_on_org']

You can see it is running on both:




Hello, there. Please consider active_on_org as an internal field for now. Is there a reason you are interested in this field?


This is for the doctr tool. I am trying to figure out which of .com and .org a repo is active on. Since the two have different public keys, I have to know which to use to encrypt the secret variable. If this key worked, I would be able to do only one API request.