A counter is shown in build page entry instead of job number

Notice the second job id being updated every second and actually being seconds not the job id


Thanks for the report. Do you have a URL to share? There is very little for us to troubleshoot further.

I’ve also observed this. It happens intermittently – at least, I haven’t found a sequence of events that makes it reproducible. I find that reloading (or maybe force-reloading?) the web page fixes.

It has happened in PRs to OpenPathSampling. That’s a travis-ci.org project; I’ll keep an eye out to see if my travis-ci.com projects also do this.

Just hit it again now https://travis-ci.org/CIMAC-CIDC/cidc-api-gae/builds/626319311

Page refresh fixes it

There already has been a bug report about this but I can’t find it now.

I found a way to reproduce this problem.

  • Start a build with multiple jobs, go to the build’s page
  • Move from build page to job page
  • Wait until the VM boots and logging starts
  • Navigate back to build page while the job is still in progress – by pressing “Build #XX” in the header or the browser’s back button
  • => The corresponding job’s entry now shows a counter that increases every second instead of the job’s number

I also have seen this just now when re-building a job. The job was building properly and the counter is the runtime of the current job (since it still shows 1 min 49 sec behind the old run) … I guess its a feature to see how long the re-run is running. Even tough it feels a bit off.

It goes back to normal if you reload the page, so definitely not a “feature”.

Maybe this one: Job status reporting bug

(Currently no additional info there beyond what is here, though.)