Running jobs list not displaying all jobs

I have several private travis build configurations set up that are all working as expected. However, when I go to the list of currently running jobs only displays the currently running job duplicated, even if I have more than 2 jobs in the queue.

Has anyone else seen this issue on their Travis dashboard?


We’re seeing the same thing since a couple of days.

Especially the lack of the pending job queue is majorly annoying me right now, as we sometimes push 20-30 jobs into Travis, and now can no longer even come up with an estimate when things are done again.

We’ve been having the same issue now also for a couple of weeks. Has it got better for either of you?

I’m surprised no one else has commented (or indeed even Travis themselves).

Our build has about 27 jobs and although we’ve currently got several builds running our queue is currently reporting 3/6 - even though in theory the queue should probably be reporting > 100 queued jobs.

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We’ve also seen this for a few weeks now and are also surprised at the lack of noise about it.

The running jobs list seems correct now, but I haven’t seen a “queued” job since the problem first appeared. The “Running (5/10)” tab title is correct, though.

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Yes. It’s unfortunate, I figured this would be fixed within a day or two, but weeks have passed and nothing has changed. It’s like they stopped working on travis.

Still no improvement for us, indeed it looks a lot a like “work has stopped”. Not sure one could blame thanksgiving on that – Travis development is still in Germany, right?

Is this still the case?