2.7.17 or 2.7.18 update?

Hi, I’ve just found out Python 2.7.12 is running “2.7_with_system_site_packages” (and 2.7.15 is running “2.7”). Is there a plan to update those images to 2.7.17 or 2.7.18 soon? :confused:

When reporting problems, please consider including:

  1. What you are trying to achieve
  2. What you have tried (probably a link to the configuration)
  3. What happened instead (often, pointing to a build log URL, in the form of https://travis-ci.com/OWNER/REPO/build/NNNNNNN would be helpful).

An example of failing test due to outdated or broken python2-something system packages can be found here. What we test is our Python library with system site packages on Python 2. It is red because some of the system site packages breaks imports, so import config;print(config.mylang) gives a different result from with open('config.py', 'r') as f: print(f.read())

It looks like Xenial is not up-to-date or its Python/Python subpackages are incorrectly installed, because if I install and fully update Xenial on my machine with the same config, this error is not thrown.

Anyway I don’t understand, why Xenial for “2.7” contains Python 2.7.15, but “2.7_with_system_site_packages” contains 2.7.12. Both should be the same in my opinion and either default (2.7.12) or fully up-to-date (2.7.17 as I look into Ubuntu archives)

Could “2.7_with_system_site_packages” Xenial image be checked if there is some corruption in it or if it is up-to-date?