Xcode version gets reported in travis ui even for linux builds #5125

[Sorta spun out of issue 3975.]

If a build is mult-ios, it seems the Xcode version gets reported even for platforms where the info doesn’t apply.

Google’s protobuf setup builds on linux and OS X. Since issue 3975 recently got fixed, we were able to add in Objective C testing to the mix of languages by adding the osx_image tag and extending out script. But now it seems every build, even the ones on linux, list the Xcode version. Example: https://travis-ci.org/google/protobuf/builds/91337154

This info should only get reported for OS X builds where it applies.

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Its worse than just the xcode version being reported, if you use multiple osx_versions, the linux builds are multiplied in the build matrix:

Like Multiple os: and osx_version: replicates linux entries in build matrix:, https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-yml looks like the module responsible for generating individual job configs from .travis.yml – thus deciding what goes in them.