Windows builder snapshot 1809

A snapshot of the newer Windows builder image as of this writing (Windows Server Core 1809).

You can use it to find what is available where to find it, in more concrete terms than what says.

The snapshot is built with the following .travis.yml:

os: windows
language: shell

    - |
      for key in hklm hkcu; do
        reg export $key $key.txt
        gzip $key.txt
    - find /c | gzip >disk.txt.gz
    - set >env.txt
    - curl -T "{disk.txt.gz,hklm.txt.gz,hkcu.txt.gz,env.txt}" ftp://$FTP_USER:$FTP_PASSWD@$FTP_SERVER/

(then the resulting failes are repackaged into a single archive)