Windows build failed, actually it was done success


I tried to build my own project, the .travis file is here.
When I saw the log (it was too long because npm i --loglevel verbose), the last few line was.

e[0Kinvalid options: -SHN
(invalid options are ignored)
Successfully installed multipart-post-2.0.0
Successfully installed faraday-0.15.3
Successfully installed public_suffix-3.0.3
Successfully installed addressable-2.5.2
Successfully installed sawyer-0.8.1
Successfully installed octokit-4.6.2
Successfully installed mime-types-2.99.3
Successfully installed dpl-releases-1.10.4
Parsing documentation for multipart-post-2.0.0
Installing ri documentation for multipart-post-2.0.0
Parsing documentation for faraday-0.15.3
Installing ri documentation for faraday-0.15.3
Parsing documentation for public_suffix-3.0.3
Installing ri documentation for public_suffix-3.0.3
Parsing documentation for addressable-2.5.2
Installing ri documentation for addressable-2.5.2
Parsing documentation for sawyer-0.8.1
Installing ri documentation for sawyer-0.8.1
Parsing documentation for octokit-4.6.2
Installing ri documentation for octokit-4.6.2
Parsing documentation for mime-types-2.99.3
Installing ri documentation for mime-types-2.99.3
Parsing documentation for dpl-releases-1.10.4
Installing ri documentation for dpl-releases-1.10.4
Done installing documentation for multipart-post, faraday, public_suffix, addressable, sawyer, octokit, mime-types, dpl-releases after 14 seconds
8 gems installed
e[33mInstalling deploy dependenciese[0m
The system cannot find the path specified.
The system cannot find the path specified.
Logged in as liudonghua
Deploying to repo: liudonghua123/system-network-info
Current tag is: v0.1.1

e[33mPreparing deploye[0m

e[33mDeploying applicatione[0m

Done. Your build exited with 0.

No output has been received in the last 10m0s, this potentially indicates a stalled build or something wrong with the build itself.
Check the details on how to adjust your build configuration on:

The build has been terminated

The full logs were here

Location of Python install for Node

This seems to happen for every successful run of Node.js on Windows. Here is my output:


Your build has a process running and it is not getting cleaned up.


@BanzaiMan thanks! I missed that issue previously. It looks like a duplicate of this one and the fix there solved my issue.