Why allow_failures didn't work for this build?


The 2 jobs that failed are listed in allow_failures list, but the build overall is still marked as failed. Why?

Seems like we are not considering os and dist keys for matching allow_failures.

So how am I supposed to mark those configs? Can I add something like allow_fail: true to individual jobs? Or maybe I can emulate this by adding env: ALLOW_FAIL=1 and adding this var to allow_failures

I’d try the latter.

I’ve tried that and it didn’t work https://travis-ci.org/poma/ton/builds/600856214

    - os: windows
      env: ALLOWED_FAIL=1

# Workaround for not being able to specify `os` or `dist` here
  - env: ALLOWED_FAIL=1

Oops. Sorry. I think I completely missed that your allow_failures appears at the top level. It should be under matrix:

    - env: ALLOW_FAIL=1

Yes it was at the top level. Does this mean that specifying os and dist might work, or I still need to use env workaround?

Ok os and dist did work