Where can i download the docker image for this build?


I need to download the docker image for the build below, can’t find it on dockerhub repo…

Uploading script
Worker information
hostname: ac5b0580-97ff-42fc-8f5e-b4db91300203@1.production-2-worker-org-gce-grx4
version: v4.2.0 https://github.com/travis-ci/worker/tree/7d17a81b8afc19da6842f1153f37371e859f4ccd
instance: travis-job-ebceca25-c9a8-43f1-8c41-2df072cc2399 travis-ci-garnet-trusty-1512502259-986baf0 (via amqp)
startup: 6.494423902s


GCE images are not available to the public, but a similar one should be available. See



actually similar images won’t show the failures we are seeing with our project. This build works: https://travis-ci.com/eXist-db/exist/jobs/162573324
this one doesn’t

when debugging this with the non GCE images we can’t reproduce. Would it be possible to publish the gce images?


The link seems to be dead :cry: . The content was removed a month later: https://github.com/travis-ci/docs-travis-ci-com/commit/1a71d878e9650cf13f829af940889c382f555fcd#diff-dffe7ab2989d54b631c2933fe8002bad Was the content moved elsewhere?


Trusty images can be found at https://hub.docker.com/r/travisci/ci-garnet/tags

We are not using containers, per se, so these might be off a little.


So, it is not possible to reproduce a travis job locally anymore?