Vscode extension builds failing: "Exit code: 3221225781"

Recently vscode 1.42.0 became available, since then I’ve been seeing the following failure:

$ npm test --silent
Downloading VS Code 1.42.0 from https://update.code.visualstudio.com/1.42.0/win32-archive/stable
Downloaded VS Code 1.42.0 into .vscode-test/vscode-1.42.0
Exit code: 3221225781

The command "npm test --silent" exited with 1.

Prior to this release, everything worked fine. Both my builds for linux and Mac work. I have since updated my configuration to use 1.42.0, but this didn’t help. Any help or advice welcome.

3221225781 is 0xC0000135 which is STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND.

I’ve had the most success diagnosing DLL problems with procmon, running it in background then uploading the trace to my server for analysis. See Failing to run compiled Python extension for details.

Other that that, can’t say anything with the information given.

You are also probably doing yourself a disservice suppressing output with --silent, it might contain useful hints. For starters, it’s not even clear what exactly exits with that code.

Okay, thanks. I’ll try removing the silent flag to see if any more useful info gets displayed.

@jamesbattersby Were you able to debug and understand what caused the issue? :slight_smile:

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I am having the same issue. Would be interested to know a solution.

I added a link to my post above on how exactly I diagnosed this stuff with Procmon.

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I didn’t manage to make any progress with this. I ended up disabling the Windows build. I will checkout what @native-api posted and see if I can get it going again.

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