Using the matrix against multiple redis versions?


Been pondering on this for some time. I can’t see a particularly clean way of doing this and wonder if someone has any suggestions on how I can test my ruby gem that interfaces with redis against multiple redis versions?

Running into some unfortunate releases every once in a while when I forgot which redis functions are available in which redis version.

I had a look at how the redis-rb gem handles it but it seems a little involved to me. Isn’t there an easier way to make the matrix handle this for me in combination with environment setup/install scripts?

Currently in the travis documentation it seems possible to use different databases but not different database versions which is unfortunate.

Edit: I do not want to use docker for several different reasons (performance being one, having to maintain something irrelevant another). I’m not even sure how I would setup docker to do this but if anyone have any bright ideas I’m listening and willing to reconsider my standpoint on using docker.