Got stages working; now need multiple platforms

After fifty attempts or so, we managed to get our build running in four stages. We were hoping to have concurrent steps in those stages, but we couldn’t figure that out. Anyway, we got the build running in Linux.

Now we’re trying to get the same build running in macOS and Windows. (We’ve had this running on-premises in Jenkins for quite awhile, and we’re trying to migrate it to Travis CI.) We figure we probably need an os: tag somewhere, and perhaps a matrix.include: tag as well, but we don’t understand how to relate that to our jobs.include: tag. We made a couple of abortive attempts to use YAML anchors and references, but it wasn’t clear to us exactly what to anchor or where to reference it.

We found a thread from another fellow (@HaaLeo) asking a similar question; he was bluntly told that he needed matrix expansion and referred to the documentation. We’ve been puzzling over the documentation for a few days now, and we haven’t been able to figure it out yet. If anyone knows how to mix stages and matrices, we’d be grateful for some information in that direction.

Here, for example, is one of our builds that didn’t work: Build 56

Thanks, guys!