User input during the Travis built

Hi Team,

I have searched many options but only found 1 way to give user input during the build ( through battery test file as input to shell script).

But I am unable to find if user can actually dynamically take a decision and give input during the build. Cab you please guide me on this.


There is no way to interact a human with the build while it is running; CI is meant to be automated, not interactive.

You can simulate certain user interactions with many tools, such as a simple echo "ANSER" | cmd and expect.

using echo has no impact for me. any alternative, like a text file?
so something like

this would be executed one after another.

I suggest learning expect.

mind elaborating? what exactly do you want me to learn? is this a programming language? or a function? if so, in what programming language

Did you follow the URL that I’d indicated earlier? expect is a tool with its own DSL that describes how to interact with CLI tools based on prompts and desired input. It’s written in Tcl and it will help to know that language, but the expect script is its own beast.

didnt see that, looking through it now. Thanks!