Unrecognised message code invalid_secure - how to remove that warning?

Hi. I’ve noticed that Travis is able to display warnings about the build/its configuration. I was able to fix all except:

unrecognised message code invalid_secure

I wasn’t able to find anything about it on the linked support page.

Sample build with the warning:

Configuration which generates it:

I don’t see this message on the provided link, or anywhere else in that build.

Looks like travis-web doesn’t know the error type invalid_secure.

The actual error appears to be coming from one of these secure variables:

But it’s not clear to me which one.

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@BanzaiMan Thanks for looking into that. By the next working in that project I will try to rotate the credentials one by one. Nevertheless, do you have any idea why/when the secret can be trated as invalid?

Btw, maybe it is worth to enhance that line to contain also some information which variable is affected?

@native-api Probably warnings are not visible for people not related to the repo:

In general, if the values are improperly encrypted, I expect them to be flagged as invalid while we attempt to decrypt them. A curious thing here is that you’ve defined 6 secure variables in your .travis.yml and there are six of them indicated in the logs

It is entirely possible that we have a bug somewhere resulting in false positive(s).

One thing we can do, if you’d like, is to run a debug build and see if all of them have the expected values. If so, we need to turn on this feature for this repository.

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Looks like if the secure: clause is improperly formatted or the value is an invalid Base64.

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The interesting thing is that all the variables are used during the build and any wrong value would make “something” to fail. I don’t observe anything wrong in the build output :thinking:.

I will try to rotate them one by one to detect which is problematic. Having that, I should be able to revert it in Git and examine it further.