Unable to install jruby 9.1.14 and later via RVM

Since yesterday, all attempts to install jruby versions from 9.1.14 onwards (9.1.15… and so on) fail.

The error is

Unknown ruby string (do not know how to handle): jruby-9.1.14.

Requested binary installation but no rubies are available to download, consider skipping --binary flag.

An example of such run is here https://travis-ci.org/kubamahnert/gooddata-ruby/jobs/476397742

This error looks very closely related to this jruby issue, where they stopped mirroring versions newer than 9.1.14 - https://github.com/jruby/jruby/issues/4789

I’ve reported this as https://github.com/jruby/jruby/issues/5551. This is unfortunately an upstream issue, so please subscribe to the GitHub issue there, and restart the affected builds once the binary packages are restored.

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Looks like JRuby moved the archives to maven.org, and the latest RVM is aware of this new location.

https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-build/pull/1635 fixes it.

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