Trigger build if any one git repo gets modified

I have a scenario where I have two git repo’s say:
Repo 1 - Devops-component
Repo 2 - Devops-pipeline
If there is any commit to either of the repo the travis CI build needs to get triggered and the build steps to be executed as per the steps defined in the .travis.yml file.
How to achieve this scenario in travis.

Why don’t you run CI on repo 1 and repo 2 independently?

I have a dependency on few contents in other repo so when their is any commit getting into either of the repo I need to trigger a CI Build in travis which in-turn will clone both the repo’s and get the build done.

The central question is: Why do these repositories need to be separate? If they are that intertwined, it seems more cumbersome to keep them separate than just treat as one.

If you insist on keeping them apart, you can set up CI in each repository to clone the other and run tests.