TravisCI started failing

My package was building fine on Travis up until 2 months ago, this is the last successful build).

The next build only changed some minor things on, but it started failing. After some tweaks in the package, the current state is this, which narrows down the problem to something related to rJava. The package checks fine on my machine (Manjaro Linux).

I’ve spent so many hours tweaking .travis.yml to see if it installs and recognizes rJava properly, but I have failed. What should I do?

Link to failing build log:

When you run the same code after a long time, most probably, package versions have changed.

You can diff the raw logs to see what specifically has changed.

The specific error is:

configure: error: Unable to run a simple JNI program. Make sure you have configured R with Java support (see R documentation) and check config.log for failure reason.

So I suggest you start with that.