Travis CI jobs for apache hudi taking a long time to schedule

In recent times, we are noticing travis jobs are not triggered for Pull requests in “Apache Hudi” project. Guess these are resource contention as apache has lot of projects.

asf-site branch: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence

Is there any work around for this in general? How does other larger projects cope up with large requests for CI builds?


Hey Sivabalan,

Has this resolved?

  • Check More options → Requests to see if the build request has been received and accepted. It it has and the build hasn’t started yet, that’s indeed resource contention.

  • In the left pane, you can see “Runnning (X/Y)” – these are running jobs vs all currently existing jobs (you can click on that to see the actual jobs). I reckon you can probably only see stats for the projects that you have access to here so only someone with an admin access to the organization can see the whole picture and find out if you’re consistently hitting your resource limits.

  • On your other questions, see