Travis CI Build failed: peer fingerprint did not match


since a few weeks my builds fail most of the time in the first run e. g.: with the error message:


  Peer fingerprint did not match 

If I restart the one single job, which failed, it runs through always.

Is this a problem on my side or with Travis CI?

Since this is your custom logic, it’s your job to diagnose any problems in it – only that will show who is at fault. Since this doesn’t use any Travis stock logic, it’s highly unlikely that Travis is at fault here.

Possible reasons that come to mind: Is either peer sensitive to many concurrent requests, or multiple unrelated requests from the same IP/related requests from different IPs? To transient packet loss?

The same happens with my PHP 5.5/trusty builds e.g.

I don’t remember any of my other PHP version builds to fail with this error. So, either it’s specific to this environment, or it is specific to the fact it is the first build in a row.