Travis build failed due to git submodule repository not found

Ihave an Android project with a main app (a git repo) and several modules (git repos cloned as submodule). Today it starts building fail due to submodule repo not found when it tried to build the newly PR code. This is a little frustrating as it was working 5 days ago…

The main app clones fine, just submodules which failed to clone. I tried to rebuild commits that succeeded last week, but they start building fail too, im a bit perplexed

If you read the broadcast, there’s a new import feature. The solution to your problem is for you to turn on “Allow files from this repository to be used in builds on other repositories”.

Try that, and this should continue the build.

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missed the broadcast, and when toggled fixed the issue! thank you for helping me so much this week @montana!

Great to hear,

If you have any other issues please don’t hesitate to post back.