Server does not allow request for unadvertised object


Recently I’ve been experiencing some problems in Travis . In build 469230174 of a project I work for the Travis reports a problem

Server does not allow request for unadvertised object 230c856be4b2ee105f97716704d38fe094aed44f .
Fetched in submodule path 'gopath/src/', but it did not contain 230c856be4b2ee105f97716704d38fe094aed44f. Direct fetching of that commit failed.

However changeset 230c856be4b2ee105f97716704d38fe094aed44f does exist in (which is submodule ref).

Some other times , e.g. build 469229697 the git checkout fails with message fatal: reference is not a tree: b9832482dce056435983fa4ff4f2b229ff7e39b2

And again changeset b9832482dce056435983fa4ff4f2b229ff7e39b2 does exist in .

Since both these issues are preventing my team to merge PR’s I’d appreciate any feedback on this .


These are two separate issues. The first one is probably

GitHub is not letting you fetch the ref, so you’ll have to prevent Travis CI from running git submodule … automatically and trying to fetch the unadvertised ref. You can do this by setting

  submodules: false

and running your own git command to accomplish what you need.

The second is quite simple: is for the branch olemis_t83_github_issue_template, but you force pushed to this branch, so there is no way to get it.

Thanks .

The second issue was trivial , now I notice . Nonetheless the first one is recent . The submodules setup has been working until now . I’ll try the separate initialization, though .


If you run the series of git commands on a fresh directory, you will see the same error message. I suspect the older builds were successful because the necessary refs were reachable then.