Timeout before install step

For some reason windows job fails due to no response timeout even before git clone or install step.

Link for failed job https://travis-ci.org/tanshihaj/qtcreator-conanplugin/jobs/469576657/config

I have the same issue.
VM seems to start? But it doesn’t even begin to clone the repo.

Worked fine in the PR build.
However when I merge the PR, the master branch fails to build on windows https://travis-ci.org/vulkano-rs/vulkano/jobs/475601650
I have restarted the build at least 3 times but I get the same issue every time.

In your case, see https://travis-ci.org/vulkano-rs/vulkano/jobs/475601646#L400.
Secrets are known to cause problems. At the moment there is no workaround.

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