The AWS Access Key Id you provided does not exist in our records. (Aws::S3::Errors::InvalidAccessKeyId)


Hi All,
Am new to the TCI community, so my apologies if am not clear in my explanation.

my github repository has been pushed to TravisCI , however during the build process , i get the above issue. I have generated AWS keys both access and secret and added this to the travis env variables as well as adding it in the code. I know this is not secure form of deployment , however is just for testing purposes. I have generated new set of keys and yet am still getting the same error can you please assist anyone . I would greatly appreciate your assistant in this . Thanks from your fellow developer.

We’ve tracked this down to the configuration error, where AWS_SECRET_KEY was defined in the
Settings as private value but used in .travis.yml as

  secure: "$AWS_SECRET_KEY"

Changing it to

secret_access_key: "$AWS_SECRET_KEY"

solves the issue.

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awesome, thanks @BanzaiMan your solution resolved my issue. You are gangster and awesome .