Support for skipping builds via file filtering

AppVeyor has nice feature that allows skipping builds based on file filtering. Can’t find any equivalent TravisCI feature. Any plans for one?

Would be nice to not waste resources testing when commit had documentation-only changes and such.

PS. Yes, am aware of [skip travis] for my commits but GitHub PRs can kick off multiple jobs automatically.

@BanzaiMan, comment?

This is a key feature of GitHub Actions that is encouraged and easy to use.
Their syntax is like

- “**.py”

and also can trigger only on releases, PRs, etc.

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It is quite ridiculous that such functionality is still not available within Travis, whenever GitHub actions and appveyor do support it for long time! so far I just found ad-hoc solutions proposed in How to skip jobs based on the files changed in a subdirectory? - #12 by dwjbosman and an archived open old issue Exclude files from triggering a build · Issue #6301 · travis-ci/travis-ci · GitHub . Meanwhile I will ask the Travis support directly (paid plan)

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