Support for GPU instances

I’ve been playing around with testing 3D engines running on top of Vulkan on Travis.

It seems like with GCE it should be possible to have GPU instances.

The price per day is around $3-4 USD for low end hardware.

On MacOS VMWare does provide some options for GPU passthrough. However, it seems like this might not be available/enabled:

I’m a software engineer and consultant I’d be interested in testing and developing this for Travis.

I think ideally you’d start with something like gpu: true in the travis config, and go from there. It should be possible to work on both linux and macos, but even just linux support would be awesome (and probably the priority).

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Hey there!

We do in fact have some limited GPU testing available, but only on private repositories. I’ll see if I can get some more information publicly available but for the meantime, I’d suggest shooting an email to so we can look into what needs to be done for you to enable it, as well as any potential costs. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, I sent an email. There are a couple of high-profile test suites that could probably benefit from this.

For the moment, this feature is on hold as there are changes required to the implementation. You can keep an eye on our Community Forum, Blog, Changelog and Twitter handles for updates on when this will be ready for use.