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Hello community,

I was going through travis-ci/travis-ci and it looks like everything for travis is open source (unless I missed something), My question is that, is it possible to setup travis on your own, in your own datacenter? I know there’s a in-premise plan, but if everything is opensource, what’s stopping me from hosting it on my own?

Does anyone know about this? Has anyone tried? Is it possible?


The matrix expansion component is not open-source if @BanzaiMan is to be believed, and I couldn’t find the build scripts for the images in use.

Travis offers on-premise installations which is exactly what you are describing.
The deal is that it’s going to be cheaper to pay them for installation and support than try to do it yourself (yes, your workers could be dirt cheap if you are using slave labor or something but in this case, they’ll probably be unable to set it up within a reasonable time and keep it running smoothly).

First and foremost, question was asked just for the sake of curiosity. Second, no, I do not have dirt cheap slave labour, but the volume at which the company I work at, it’s simply not possible that travis enterprise can be cheaper, we already have a devops team who maintain our ci systems (we currently use teamcity), as far as I’ve seen, travis is one of the more expensive ones.

Our build takes quite long and more than a 1000 developers push changes constantly, in 1 day 207 builds are triggered as a cron job, just for 1 project, now on top of that, we push code all day, and the build queue goes as much as 600 (I’ve seen more than 1000s those are outliers)

Even if I advocate for enterprise, I don’t know if it’ll be cheap enough, travis is quite expensive, I was looking for 1 time license and wanted to have any number of agents as we wanted.

I’m not an employee of Travis CI so I really can’t say anything on the costs, and all my information about what it looks like is word of mouth from posts of enterprise customers on this forum.

From what I can see, they can basically license you the current version of their code, and you are free to not pay for updates and bug-fixes from them on an ongoing basis if you can do without those.

“Buying is (supposedly) going to be cheaper” suggests that your own employees will spend much more time setting it up, solving problems and implementing new features themselves than with the help of Travis staff, effectively costing you sum(their_salary_rates) * extra_time and delaying you by the extra_time.

It’s for you to decide if that cost is going to be enough to justify the purchase…

At this time, it is not possible to self-host Travis CI with only the open source components.

We are happy to assist you with the on-premises Enterprise offering. If you are interested, do email us at

@native-api you couldn’t have been more wrong, for 10 people it’s $4000 when infrastructure is ours, servers ours, kubernetes cluster ours, all travis-ci provides is support, and it’s just licensing, it’s not their infra. I contacted them and this was true for enterprise on-prem:
For our Enterprise (On-Prem), licenses are sold in user packs of 10 and based on number of users. This includes unlimited concurrent builds and includes updates and support.

Pricing starts at $4,000 per user pack

Number of users Price
10 4,000
20 8,000
30 12,000

and so on.

My company has at least 1000 developers which will mean I’d have to pay: $400,000 for licensing, please keep in mind, that this is only licensing and basic management. If it was their hardware, their cluster I’d understand, but it’s not, and since it’s our hardware all they’ll be doing is providing support and maybe basic help. I don’t think paying $400,000 is worth it.

And since it’s our own hardware I don’t understand the idea of them licensing per users, if we have more developers, our resources are being used, our own servers, travis doesn’t have to do anything, I don’t see the point of paying that much of money. I’d rather go with other providers.

And I think because travis won’t need that much of maintenance, our devops will be free to do something else.

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You didn’t compare that sum with alternative costs so I cannot say if it’s too much or not (that would include comparing TCOs – the licensing cost appears to be a one-time payment from your formulations so it’s subject to a payback period).

E.g. if you free up 5 devops to do stuff that actually earns you money, you’ll regain that $400k in ~1-1,5 years (assuming you are in Europe).

Personally, I don’t see the value for money, if we were to run in and on travis’ infrastructure, then maybe, but it’s our freakin hardware, our network, pricing isn’t worth it. If they had said we’ll bring our own cluster to you then that’d be different, but we don’t want that either.

We’ve decided to go with other open source alternatives, even if travis takes care of a lot of things, I doubt our company will be comfortable them doing everything, our devops will need to do a certain things.

Thanks for all your inputs.

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