Stable Rust channel outdated

As of now, using the “stable” channel on Rust uses 1.35.0, instead of 1.36.0, which was released on 2019-07-04.

Log showing older, 1.35.0 release was used:

Stable 1.36.0 release:

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Bumping this as it’s still happening - I wanted to test my project on Rust 1.36.0, beta and stable since it should work on all of them. But the stable build fails since it’s 1.35.0 rather than 1.38.0.

I think this is a variation of

where the cache in ~/.cargo is preventing rustup from installing the newer version even when one is available.

This issue was fixed by

which adds an extra step to run rustup update to fix the issue.

My guess, then, is that this step is generally desirable for named Rust channels.

Please try adding rustup update before any of your steps and report the results with URLs.


Adding rustup update in before_script seemed to fix the problem.

Pull request: