Shell scripting inside Docker Compose?

My company has a use case in which we are trying to build a Django REST API and then use CI using Travis. When changes are pushed to GitHub using git stash pop.

I am also using Docker to build and Docker-Compose to scale my services. The problem is, is I want to run pyTest and Flake8 when I push my changes to GitHub. Now I have not added any test, hence the pyTest command is giving an exit status of 5.


err=$? ;
if (( $err != 5 )) ;
  exit $err;
flake8 ;

But I can’t get Compose to run this. When I run the script using the following:

docker-compose run app sh -c ""

Here’s my Compose file:

      context: .
      - "8000:8000"
      - ./app:/app
    command: >
      sh -c "python runserver"

Here’s the Dockerfile:



COPY Pipfile* /tmp/

RUN cd /tmp && pip install pipenv && pipenv lock --requirements > requirements.txt

RUN pip install -r /tmp/requirements.txt

RUN mkdir /app


COPY ./app /app

RUN adduser -D user
USER user

This should be a simple issue but I cannot figure out how to get around this. Sorry for posting twice tonight, this is just baffling me.

Hello again @Eclipse,

Your script isn’t working because Alpine base images don’t have GNU bash. Seems like you’re running your bash script prematurely. I’ve seen a topic like this similar before.

In the context of a CI system, it is extremely important to remove the volumes: line that mounts a local directory over your container’s /app directory: in the build instructions, you can see why it would cause problems specifically in Docker Compose.

In a real world environment (and say not like a school) I’d personally suggest running both of these tools in a non-Docker environment. Via the Docker syntax you can ideally setup your unit tests without hard-to-setup context like a database container as well.

FYI: I’d also run further tests based on network calls into the container.


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I appreciate the help tonight Montana… This was helpful, especially the network calls into the container. Thanks you again…

Yeah no problem anytime you need help or know of anyone that needs help, please point them to this forum, and I’ll gladly help them.