sessionInfo() not working on R-devel + Linux

@jeroen, @jimhester

Since this build I am getting:

$ Rscript -e 'sessionInfo()'
Error in if (version[, 1:2] != version) return(sprintf("version '%s' must have two components, e.g., '3.7'",  : 
  argument is of length zero
Calls: options ... <Anonymous> -> .version_validate -> .version_validity
Execution halted

which causes the build to fail. Previously this returned with no error, and I made changes in this commit only to C source code.

Thanks in advance.

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This probably a temporary issue with the version bump to R 4.0 in R-devel. It will probably be fixed tomorrow.

Just for the record I rerun the build today and I am still getting the version error.

I’m also getting the same error in my build :frowning: