Repeating received -> queued -> booting status on arm64

Look at this job.

The jobs do not start, just saying received -> queued -> booting repeatedly on arm64 today.

What’s the reason?

Exactly the same problem as in ARM64 job doesn't start

Yesterday they also announced the System Z and PowerPC support, but it has the same issue too:

Basically, none of them work.

Hi @XVilka thanks for your answer and sharing the exciting news.
Sure. How often did you see the issue? Did you find the reproducing condition?

Because I have implemented the arm64 case to a few projects so far.
But this was a first time I saw the issue.

It seems that the jobs I reported above have done correctly now.

It is reproduced always.

Hi @XVilka, You want to run your build on trusty. Could you please try with xenial or bionic. Support for trusty ended in April and we are not planning to add it to new architectures.

Happy building!

@Damian we can’t upgrade to something newer because of the PTRACE regression: Travis and PTRACE