Random files limit errors

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Suffering the issue when running my Chromium tests on MacOs
A series of tests on WDIO are staring chromedriver which in turn starts Electron application

First 8-10 tests perform normally, then magic happens:

  • Chromedriver complains that it cannot start Chrome - “Failed to create Chrome process.”
  • chromedriver breaks on writing - “Error: Failed to create session.” and “failed to write prefs file”
  • Test is unable to execute shell command - “Error: spawnSync /bin/sh ENFILE”
  • Finally, the error “Too many open files in system” “Error: ENFILE: file table overflow, uv_pipe_open” is thrown and all following steps executions.

And even after these tests, Travis cannot fulfill its ending job: " /Users/travis/.travis/functions: line 606: echo: write error: Bad file descriptor"

the blamed job: Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence

Worker data: MacOsX BigSur v11.3