ChromeDriver bind() failed: cannot assign requested address


Having trouble running chromedriver in a travis build. Here’s my travis.yml:

dist: focal
language: node_js
  - "12"
  - make test

the error I get is:

Starting ChromeDriver 83.0.4103.39
[1595899749.328][SEVERE]: bind() failed: Cannot assign requested address (99)
ChromeDriver was started successfully.
[0-0] RUNNING in chrome - /specs/auth.ts
[0-0] 2020-07-28T01:29:12.200Z ERROR webdriver: RequestError: connect ECONNREFUSED
    at ClientRequest.<anonymous> 

I’ve tried running on focal and bionic dists, same result. When I try running on my own ubuntu server, I’m able to start chromedriver and bind to port 9515. I’m also able to bind other services to port 9515 on the travis box (in debug mode), so I don’t think the port is already taken. I tried using a different version of chromedriver ( but that didn’t change the output.

Wondering what I’m doing wrong. Thanks for looking.