Provisioning arm64-graviton2 with virt vm provisions x86_64 environment

I define

virt: vm
- arm64-graviton2

in .travis.yml, the WebUI of the job says arm64-graviton2, but uname -a says x86_64.

Hey @adelton,

Try this custom .travis.yml file I’ve created and just see if it builds using the arm64-graviton2 architecture.

os: linux
dist: focal
arch: arm64-graviton2
group: edge
virt: lxd

  - language: cpp
    compiler: clang
      - g++ -nostartfiles main.cpp

Try and see if this builds using G2. Thank you.

The problem is, I need virt: vm – virt: lxd is too restricted for the workload I’d like to run.

Hey @adelton,

In my example I wrote you can use both lxd or vm.

Travis CI Staff

Hello Montana,

thanks for the suggestion. I confirm that with

group: edge

things work as expected.

It would be nice though to fix the logic so that x86_64 is not picked without group: edge when arm64-graviton2 is requested and even displayed as running in the WebUI.


That’s really great to hear @adelton,

I’m glad I could help you. I will pass your suggestion on!

Travis CI Staff