Provide access to /dev/kvm in LXD containers used for Multi CPU Architecture builds

When building on amd64 virtual machines on Travis we have access to nested virtualization and are able to pass on the KVM device for builds run in LXD [0].

However when using the Travis Multi CPU Architecture support there is no way to customize the LXD profile.

Would it be possible to either always enable the passing on of /dev/kvm or consider exposing control of a pre-approved list of LXD profile settings through the .travis.yml?


You can now get a full VM with ARM64 architecture:

Note that arch: arm64-graviton2 currently requires group: edge which is not mentioned in the docs (they plan to drop that requirement in a couple of weeks).

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To really hit @native-api’s, point home,

group: edge is currently required. Once you’ve done that your issues should be resolved.