Private Dependencies with API TOKEN Malfunctioned

I use fastlane match to retrieve code sign staff.
It works fine for a while.
Yesterday, I got these messages:

[02:17:09]: Cloning remote git repo...
Cloning into '/var/folders/z3/_825pg0s3jvf0hb_q8kzmg5h0000gn/T/d20200602-4884-1nuivf1'...
remote: Repository not found.

When I debug job, it works well.

The API TOKEN Method malfunctioned.
Current workaround, I change to use ssh method to make it work.

What config did you use to fix this? I’m running into the same issue I think in Sudden Golang Dependency Fetch Failures

I use user key to solve this issue.

It’s convenient to use API Token rather than user key.