Trying to get Travis CI to work with SSH Key w/o signing into Github

I already followed the steps exactly specified at this link

However, I am still having the issue. My build will get stuck when accessing the private repo.

$ julia --check-bounds=yes -e 'Pkg.clone("")'
INFO: Cloning xxxx from
Username for '':
Done: Job Cancelled

Note: I manually cancel it after a few minutes of waiting. How can I get it to use the SSH key I have setup and bypass this username and password field?

Note: xxxx is used in place of the name of my project to make this post general. I have already checked out the links on Travis CI and they don’t make it clear what needs to occur. Thank you!

Could you try changing the git url to use git+ssh? eg.

Yes. Just to be clear, if I want to use the Deploy or User key, all I need to do it is change it to ‘Pkg.clone("")’?

That is what I am thinking needs to happen to make it work, but not 100% sure until you try it :slight_smile:

Hey Josh, sorry for the delay. I was resolving other issues. I did what you suggested: ‘Pkg.clone("")’ and I got the following error:
ERROR: failed to clone from, error: GitError(Code:EEOF, Class:SSH, ERROR: Repository not found.)

What should I try next?

Also, note that the API Token documentation for private repo dependencies does not work. these steps do not resolve the issue either