Previewing generated docs on Travis CI


please forgive if I am posting this in the wrong place. I am new to this forum.

I wonder whether it is possible to preview generated docs with Travis CI in a similar way than it is with Circle CI. That is, after a successful build/job in which docs have been generated, it would be very useful to preview these built docs. Scitkit-learn uses CircleCI to do so but I’d prefer to stick to TravisCI. This blogpost also explain in more details the approach with CircleCI. But again, I’d much prefer to use TravisCI as this is what we currently use for all of our projects.

I am a little bit aware of Uploading Artifacts on Travis CI, but never used it. Would that be the way to go? It seems to me a bit more involved than what CircleCI provides, as it seems that on needs to setup an S3 account independently of TravisCI.

Feedback and suggestion would be awesome!


Travis don’t host user docs. But you can use a different provider as a separate PR check at Github. See for an example how it looks.
(I don’t know how exactly it’s implemented beyond this (since Github integration settings are private) but you can look at the source of that project and at Netlify Github integration docs for pointers.)

Ok, thanks for the feedback! I thought about integrating an additional “PR check” in Github for CircleCI, just for the sake of being able to preview the docs after a successful build, but was hoping that somehow this would be possible with TravisCI.

Thanks again!