Podman/libpod support


would it be possible to integrated Podman as a replacement to docker docker into the build system?


As you might know it , there is a way to install podman to Ubuntu.

Here is the Travis example to use podman in .travis.yml.

But as far as know, podman deb package does not exist on the Debian and Ubuntu’s package repositories. It exists only on the project’s ppa repository right now.

I wonder that Travis people want to support the software that deb package does not exist on Ubuntu deb package repositories.

There are also some issues related to Ubuntu in podman.

That’s enough. Apt addon supports installing from PPAs.

would it be possible to integrated Podman as a replacement to docker docker into the build system?

I thought @tbugfinder asked about podman pre-installed like docker.

When users install podman by the apt addon or commands, it is possible.

By the way, please note that podman does not work on arch: arm64, arch: ppc64le and arch: s390x environment.

I reported it in the past.

And it seems that it was fixed on following commit, and the new version podman version 1.7.0 including the commit.

But the ppa’s deb package’s version is right now 1.6.2.
So, maybe we need to wait the 1.7.0 if we want to use it on arm64, ppc64le and s390x.

@junaruga I’ll try and resurrect the ppa for arches that OBS can’t currently support soon as I find the chance. In case anyone reading this is familiar with deb/ubuntu packaging and would be willing to help, please let me know and I can work with you on re-enablement.

Also, the link to packaging source in https://github.com/containers/libpod/issues/5447#issuecomment-597223483 can probably be of use to someone in case they can get to this before me.


Podman is now available on Debian unstable branch!

We can wait it will be updated to the latest version, and will be available on non-x86_64 (amd64) CPU architectures. And it will be picked up by Ubuntu.

For your information: The podman package is available on Ubuntu groovy (20.10). https://packages.ubuntu.com/groovy/podman