Pod install fails with forked repository

I’ve been trying to use travis CI on an iOS project of mine. This project contains several forked repositories in my podfile, including the following line

pod 'DLLocalNotifications', :git => 'git@github.com:raguiar2/DLLocalNotifications.git'

However, when I push up a branch, travis gives me the following error

7.99s$ pod install

Analyzing dependencies

Pre-downloading: `DLLocalNotifications` from `git@github.com:raguiar2/DLLocalNotifications.git`, commit `ea7818e5ecb012d544818bf1d51d842341fbca06`

[!] Error installing DLLocalNotifications
[!] Failed to download 'DLLocalNotifications'.

It seems to download the non-forked pods ok. Is there a reason this would be failing for my forked libraries?

You’re using ssh to clone the git repository. Try using https instead.