Please whitelist llvm-toolchain-trusty-8 on

LLVM updated its repo “deb llvm-toolchain-trusty main” to point to the nightly build of the development branch clang-9.

The previous tip-of-trunk snapshot now resides in “deb llvm-toolchain-trusty-8 main” and will soon be released as clang-8.

However, Travis does not whitelist “deb llvm-toolchain-trusty-8 main” yet, so we can’t run C++ repo’s compling with clang-8 without sudo support.

The llvm dev cycle is about 6 months and I previously submitted an issue for the clang-7 to clang-8 transition here:

There is no alias, but you can specify the source you want with the “sourceline” option of the apt addon.

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