PHP 7.3 phpunit segfaults

This only happens on PHP 7.3.

Upon closer investigation, the segfault appears to be related to the SodiumException class in PHP 7.3.

How did you come to this conclusion? Could you point to the logs, perhaps?

We compile our own libsodium during the compilation, and it could be related.

It’s sodium_memzero() that reliably segfaults. Opening an issue with jedisct1 upstream issue – the fix is in PHP 7.3.1, but affects PHP 7.3.0

Thanks for the update. Am I correct to understand that 7.3.0 will always exhibit this segmentation fault?

That’s correct. I’d recommend Travis update the build images to PHP 7.3.1 in the near future.

Thanks for the confirmation. 7.3.1 will be added when it is released, and 7.3 will point to it while it is the latest 7.3.x release.