OracleJDK 7 not supported on Precise?

Has oraclejdk7 support been dropped on precise? I have attached my build setup and the error I get. I checked the official travis docs and it says that precise should still have oraclejdk7 support. 40%20PM|690x180

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Travis uses to install JDK. Which, AFAICS, never explicitly supported 7 (looks like it might have supported it, but only by the virtue of its archives using the same naming scheme as later versions).

If support is documented though, this is Travis’ bug. JDK 7 is still available for download from

So is there no possible way to use oraclejdk7 anymore in builds?

Not without submitting a PR to fix the script or using language: generic and installing the JDK yourself.

Travis’ legal obligations regarding bugs (“defects”) are specified at unless you have a separate agreement.