"No status checks found" trying to add a branch protection rule despite Travis integration set up

I don’t see any status checks to add for my repo https://github.com/native-api/test_travis :

That’s despite the fact that https://travis-ci.com integration is set up, via Github app:

To make sure, I deleted the Github app “Travis CI” and OAuth app “Travis CI” at https://github.com/settings/installations and also made sure there are no webhooks at https://github.com/native-api/test_travis/settings/hooks, then reinstalled the Github app via https://travis-ci.com (the button on the main page named “enable integration for all repositories” or smth like this) – this made no difference.

I saw this issue after migrating a repo from travis-ci.org to travis-ci.com, but the new status checks appeared ~30 minutes later.

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It definitely took more than 30 minutes in my case, but I see that item now. Thank you!