No build for this repo

Hey everyone,

I am getting no build for this repo message despite adding .travis.yml file inside my project
can anyone help me with this

Here is my project

I fixed your .travis.yml up a bit, see if this works:

language: generic
os: linux
dist: xenial

  - docker

  - docker build -t codekid20/docker-react -f .

  - docker run -e CI=true codekid20/docker-react npm run test

Montana Mendy
Travis CI Staff
Happy building!

I tried this but it doesn’t worked am still stuck at the same place

Here is the link to my github repo with the change you said

Here is the screenshot of my screen on travis dashboard…

Also regarding the message “confirm your account”…
everytime i click on “resend your confirmation email” i receive no message in my inbox


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I have exactly the same problem: I don’t receive a confirmation email despite multiple requests, and my dashboard is empty :frowning: