New alternative to `dbus-launch pulseaudio --start`?

I’m using dbus-launch pulseaudio --start to start PulseAudio, but in bionic environment, such as in the example linked below, i get an error stating that the dbus-launch command is not available, hinting that I should install the dbus-x11 package in the environment. adding that to the package list though just results in an error.

is this just a bug with bionic, or is use of dbus-launch outdated? if the latter, please could someone tell me the more modern approach I should use (I did look up systemd based approaches but could not get my head around that at the time)

failed command:
error installing dbus-x11:

E: Unable to locate package dbux-x11

There’s a typo…

oh, damn, this isn’t the first failure to install the package though, hold on…

yeah, here:

but fixing the typo in the new attempt gives no such complaint:

never mind :confused: