[Fixed] APT Addon doesn't run in Bionic

On the Bionic image the APT Addon does not run.
Manually running APT works fine.
Job log
Job log - manual

Possible related: apt-cache returns an error.

The command "apt-cache show cmake -a | grep Version" exited with 1.

Job log Line:202

After running sudo apt update the issue seems to resolve itself.
Job log Line:183


Unfortunately, I found no way to get the APT addon working following the documentation for Bionic. In my case running apt update directly does not seem to trigger the execution of the APT addon either.

Hiya @oszillo, welcome.

This issue is already tracked at APT Addon doesn't run in Bionic

And on the broader top of Bionic … see

I am having the same issue.
Any news about it?


Same issue here…
I’ve been struggling with this for a few days before I actually realized what was the issue, since it’s not documented anywhere…
Any idea about when travis-ci/travis-build#1754 will be merged? If it’s not soon, perhaps it could be worth mentioning it somewhere on bionic documentation.

The required change was merged in the meantime and I can confirm that the APT add-on now works as expected for Bionic :+1:

Thanks @oszillo

And many thanks to @native-api for the fix.