MSYS2 And Qt run out of disk space, only ~10GB available


I’m running a CI Pipeline for a project (Merkaartor OSM editor) and it seems recently the pipeline started to run out of space when installing Qt5 into MSYS2 (I can install qt itself, but then installing build-essentials, cmake etc runs out of space, even if I clean up the Qt5 cache package files).

I see that at the start of a pipeline, the disk space is just a bit over 10GB. I know that is quite a bit of disk space, but can we get a bit more? Qt5 is pretty popular thing to build and I believe more people would appreciate it.

Or I’d apprecate some tips on how to achieve a slimmer installation, but I cannot use other environment than MSYS2 due to other libraries no being available (gdal, proj4 and exiv2, all of them are not easily available in MSVC environments).

You can see my experimental pipeline here:

Confirmed that a Windows build machine only has ~12GB available. While according to, there should be about 19GB at least.

A short update: I have worked around my specific issue by removing some choco packages first. Running choco uninstall -y mingw llvm wsl gets me around 2GB more and it seems to suffice for the time being. However, getting more space would be awesome, as these steps take additional time (which seems to be significant, not sure why).

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We’re seeing the same problem - if we delete our caches (and confirm that no cache is loaded) and run df -h at the top of our before_script, we’re seeing 7.2 GB free. I’m not sure if that was reduced lately or if we used to be able to build in using less space than that.

We did introduce clcache into builds a few weeks ago, which we cap at 4 GB. This worked fine for a while, but I think a day ago we started seeing failures due to running out of disk space. (there has been no significant increase in size of our builds since we introduced clcache.)

The advertised “approx 19” GB: would be great!

Hi! Currently, my workaround stopped working (probably because the image got even smaller, maybe some windows updates or larger packages in msys2?). Can we please get the extra space as advertised in the docs?