Disk quota exceeded

We are seeing a message about Disk Quota being exceeded on Arm64 - https://travis-ci.org/facebook/rocksdb/jobs/599161710#L3105

Hi @adamretter

Happy to see you trying out ARM builds on Travis!
Wrt to dis quota: At the moment there’s approximately 10GB available per build job run in LXD container (take a look at our CI Environments Reference -> Overview page in Travis CI documentation).

How much disk space does your build require? We’re gathering information on various use cases to tune up the feature.

Happy building!

I am not entirely sure, as a lot of the files are transient during the build when tests etc are running. I have seen on Windows builds take over 30GB, but I think that is specific to the Windows platform. We are able to run successfully on Travis Xenial AMD64, and it looks like their disk quota’s are set at approximately 18GB.

Got it, thanks.
Stay tuned for update next week.

Hello @adamretter

Disk quota has been increased for Arm builds to approx. 18GB.

Please take a look at Xenial and cache support added for ARM builds changelog as well as Build Environment Overview documentation update.

Happy Building!

Awesome! Thanks @Michal I will take it for a spin now…

Hello team. We started to see message about disk quota exceeded again for PPC builds, as shown in https://travis-ci.org/github/facebook/rocksdb/jobs/669987323?utm_medium=notification&utm_source=github_status. Is there anything that can be done for this? thanks! @Michal

I can confirm that too on my build. Wondering if the team could relax the quota for ppc64le build too?

Can also confirm that this is a problem on my ARM64 build

There are several posts here that report the same problem, see my comment at S390x Adding APT Sources - No usable temporary directory found - /tmp ENOSPC

Hello everybody

There was a major refresh in August, can you check if disk quota issues still occur on your ppc64le/s390x builds?

Yes, just run into it on s390x: https://travis-ci.org/github/bitcoin/bitcoin/jobs/719886299#L701