More virtual environments?

I have a project mostly written in C which requires fuse3/fuse.h which is not available on Travis-CI.

How can i submit a new virtual environment?

You can create a feature request and suggest what specifically to support. It’s up to Travis staff whether to actully support it though since they bear the maintenance costs.
AFAICS, libfuse3 is only available out of the box in Ubuntu since Disco. Travis is unlikely to support it because they only support LTS releases.

But for your task, you don’t really need a new environment.

  • If your program needs to work in earlier versions of Ubuntu, install libfuse 3 from source and ship it with your app (either statically linked or linked as a private copy, e.g. via rpath)
  • If it doesn’t, run your build in a Docker container representing a newer Ubuntu (e.g. ubuntu:disco). There, you can install the library via apt.

I’ve also run into a similar situation with GNU Make v4.2.1 only available on Ubuntu Cosmic onwards. I’ve hacked around by adding the source line for cosmic main, and supplying the -t option to apt-get to point it to the usual version (bionic in my case) and overridding the specific packages to be pulled from the cosmic source.

However, my approach might lead to binary incompatibility problems if used for pre-built static libraries, because the build toolchain settings may have changed between the different Ubuntu versions.

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